knocking at my windows

A friend of mine is in the habit of telling me those kind of truths you don't want to hear.

Everybody is replaceable,” she says, looking at me firmly. “We all are, but nobody wants to hear about it. Nobody wants it to be true.” 

I stare back at her and catch myself shaking my head vehemently. I stop shaking it. “But, … It doesn't feel this way. It doesn't feel like everybody is replaceable,
 I say.

She nods, somehow lenient. “I know. But everybody is. There are millions and millions of people. You meet some of them, and some of them you don't. You become intimate with some of them, because of these factors we were talking about... Like, nearness.”

And similarity, I say. “Attraction.”

Yeah, right. And you can have that with more than just one person. You could have the exact same amount of closeness, and feeling happy and understood, with thousands of other people. Those you know now you met by chance, and you can meet others accidentally.”

She spreads her arms. “It's just a big raffle.”

I look at her, feeling the words sink in. I can't help but see the logic, and I can't help but feel absolutely horrified by it.

She leans back in her chair. “I find this incredibly comforting.”


  1. Na das hoffe ich momentan schwer!

    1. Bzw. mir soll es so gehen (jemanden finden, mit dem das genauso geht), einer gewissen anderen Person bitte nicht, zumindest nicht in naher Zukunft. Das ist eben das, solche Erkenntnisse gelten immer in beide Richtungen.

  2. in englisch gefallen mir deine geschichten noch besser und diese hier, die ist wichtig. ich glaube, ich stehe zwischen euch beiden.

    1. Vielleicht steht jeder mal auf der einen, mal auf der anderen Seite, oder?

  3. nein, ich glaube an beides gleichzeitig.


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